1 You must be registered as an Operator with the CAA (if you are over 18) and pay the £9 fee

BMFA members are exempted from the requirement to register by the 30th November and can register when they renew their BMFA Membership for 2020.

You can easily comply with the law if:

  • As part of the BMFA Membership renewal/joining process, you opt in to the CAA Operator registration and pay the £9 fee. (The CAA will email your Operator ID to you within 90 days of renewing or joining the BMFA, you are exempt from displaying the operator ID until it arrives.)
  • You register directly with the CAA and pay the £9 fee.
  • You register with another CAA recognised Association and pay the £9 Fee.

The CAA will email your Operator number to you.

You must display your operator number somewhere easily accessible on or within your aircraft.

You only need to register once.  Please do not register and pay multiple times as you may not receive a refund.

Please Note, you are not exempt from the requirements to hold a CAA approved competency, See item 2 below

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