Application for BMFA display permit

Applicants should familiarise themselves with the requirements outlined in the BMFA Model Flying Display Handbook prior to completing this form.

Important: You are required to submit a maps showing general location  plus a detailed diagram of the location which includes runway orientation and crowd line location (if applicable), and a completed risk assessment with this application.

Notes on completing this form: 

  1. Please supply a maps showing the general location plus a detailed diagram of the location which includes runway orientation, flying area  and crowd line location (if applicable).
  2. Description of activity: provide a brief overview of the activity.
  3. Site location- You will need to provide OS Grid reference and latitude and longitude in decimal degrees
  4. Risk Assessment: it is a requirement to submit this as part of the application process. See
  5. Flying Site Rules: please include a copy of the local flying site rules in operation at the site as part of the application process.
  6. Organiser’s name and contact details: it is important to provide a mobile number as the point of contact for the AIP.
  7. Hours of operation: by default, regular/ongoing activity will be indicated as ‘HJ’ in the AIP which denotes daylight operations.
  8. Expected height of operation: the maximum application height is 1500 feet agl, however, think carefully about your proposed activity and request a height that reflects the type of aircraft flown, do not automatically apply for 1500 feet if you do not require it.
  9. Number of aircraft: indicate the largest number likely to be flying on any one day.
  10. Ensure you have all the required information before starting to complete the form
  11. This form should be submitted at least 28 days in advance of the display.

Failure to submit any of the required information will result in your application being rejected.

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Applicant Details

This application process may be used to apply for a permit for a model flying display.  This may include permission to operate model aircraft (excluding multi-rotor aircraft) weighing between 7.5Kg and 25kg at heights above 400ft  as part of  ‘one off’ public displays.

All model aircraft displays must be notified to other airspace users via a NOTAM, unless they are taking place on a permanently notified site covered by a BMFA Site Permit (and an LMA Permit if operating over 25Kg aircraft).

All flying must be conducted within the terms of the BMFA’s Article 16 Authorisation.  Permit requests for displays featuring aircraft with MTOM’s exceeding 25Kg must be made to the LMA, as a LMA Display Permit will also be required.  Over 25Kg aircraft must have an individual operational authorisation and be operated in compliance with the LMA’s Article 16 Authorisation.

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