Registration Competency Test

This test meets the requirements of the CAA Drone and Model Aircraft  Registration & Education Scheme (DMARES). From 1st January 2021 BMFA Members can operate under an ‘Article 16 Authorisation’ and our Registration Competency Certificate test has been updated to cover the elements of the authorisation. By taking and passing this test you do not need to take the CAA online test. You do however, still require a valid Operator ID on your aircraft.

You are required to correctly answer 30 out of 40 questions (75%) to pass.

You are ultimately responsible for the safe and lawful operation of your aircraft and must ensure you are familiar with all the information at the links below.

A guide to model flying after December 31st, 2020.

The BMFA Members Handbook also provides appropriate safety guidance for each  model flying discipline.

Welcome to your Registration Competency Certificate V2022 test

Please ensure you enter your full first name and surname and BMFA membership number as they are required for the certificate to be valid.

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