Article 16 Risk Assessments

Operating in 'built up areas'

The Article 16 authorisation permits BMFA members to operate in built up areas, defined as 'An area substantially used for industrial, recreational, commercial or residential purposes. '

The authorisation may be used throughout the United Kingdom, at any established model flying club located in a ‘built-up area’ as defined above, provided a risk assessment has been completed and suitable mitigations put in place. The risk assessment must be made available to members flying at that site, who must be familiar with it.

A built up area which is only used substantially for recreational purposes where model aircraft flying is permitted may be considered a ‘suitable area’ for use by individual members, operation within such an area must be supported by a risk assessment. Please note these sites do not have to be club sites.

Guidance on completing risk assessments and template risk assessment forms can be downloaded using the buttons above.

Once you have completed the assessment it should be submitted using the form below:


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