Article 94F – Certain small unmanned aircraft: requirement for acknowledgement of competency

(1) This article applies to a flight by a small unmanned aircraft only if it has a mass of 250 grams or more without its fuel but including any articles or equipment installed in or attached to the aircraft at the commencement of its flight.

(2) The remote pilot of the small unmanned aircraft must not fly it unless the CAA has issued the remote pilot with an acknowledgement of competency which is valid for that flight at the time of the flight. (Flyer ID)

(3) The SUA operator must not cause or permit the small unmanned aircraft to be flown unless the SUA operator has reasonably formed the view that the remote pilot of the aircraft complies with the requirements in paragraph (2) in relation to that flight.

(4) In this article “acknowledgement of competency” means an acknowledgement issued under article 94E.

N.B. BMFA members who hold a BMFA Achievement Certificate or the BMFA Registration Competency Certificate after passing the BMFA Online test benefit from an exemption to Article 94F. (See Exemption )

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