Article 94E – Certain small unmanned aircraft: competency of remote pilots

(1) Subject to the following provisions of this article, the CAA must issue an acknowledgement of competency to an individual, or renew that individual’s acknowledgement of competency, if the individual—

(a) has applied to the CAA, in such manner as the CAA may require, for an acknowledgement of competency,
(b) has supplied such information and evidence as the CAA may require,
(c) has undertaken such training as the CAA may require, and
(d) has undergone such tests as the CAA may require.

(2) That training or those tests may relate to matters which include—

(a) the practical operation of small unmanned aircraft;
(b) matters connected with the operation of small unmanned aircraft (such as respect for privacy, data protection, safety, security and environmental protection).

(3) Subject to paragraph (4), an acknowledgement of competency may relate—

(a) to a particular description of small unmanned aircraft;
(b) to a particular description of flights by small unmanned aircraft.

(4) No acknowledgement of competency is to be issued in relation to—

(a) small unmanned aircraft with a mass of less than 250 grams without their fuel but including any articles or equipment installed in or attached to the aircraft at the commencement of their flight, or
(b) flights by small unmanned aircraft of that description.

(5) An acknowledgement of competency issued, or renewed, under this article is valid for the period shown on the acknowledgement, subject to article 253.

(6) The CAA may issue an acknowledgement of competency subject to such conditions as it deems appropriate.

(7) The CAA is not required to accept applications for acknowledgements of competency under this article before 1st October 2019.

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