Incident Reporting

Our Article 16 authorisation includes the requirement to report certain accidents, serious incidents and other occurrences. This is an existing requirement and is referred to in the current BMFA Members Handbook (See and CAP 658 (Chapter 13). However, the CAA are wanting to reinforce the requirements (full details can be found in CAP 722).

Therefore, it is a condition of our Authorisation that correct reporting to the AAIB and the CAA must be carried out.

Occurrence reporting systems are not established to attribute blame or liability, they are established to learn from occurrences, improve aviation safety and prevent recurrence.
The purpose of occurrence reporting is to improve aviation safety by ensuring that relevant safety information is reported, collected, stored, protected, exchanged, disseminated and analysed. Organisations and individuals with a good air safety culture will report effectively and consistently. Every occurrence report is an opportunity to identify root causes and prevent them contributing to accidents where people are
The safe operation of UAS is as important as that of manned aircraft. Injuries to third parties, or damage to property, can be just as severe. Proper investigation of each accident, serious incident or other occurrence is necessary to identify causal factors and to prevent repetition. Similarly, the sharing of safety related information via good reporting is critical in reducing the number of future occurrences.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have separate reporting requirements. It may be necessary to report to one or both.

An online form will be made available here soon to assist with occurrence reporting.

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